Bangkok bucketlist

I have been to Bangkok twice but I do not feel as if I’ve seen the real city. My first visit was when I was 7. It was my first ever trip abroad and it was a MASSIVE culture shock! I did not expect the humidity, the noise, the sheer amount of people, the traffic, the pollution, the food… I could go on! Add jetlag into the mix and me and BKK did not get off to the best start. This was a 2 night stopover on the way to Australia and I spent most of the time moaning! In fact, I swore I would never visit Thailand again. Luckily, I grew up and got over it.

My second visit was in 2012. We spent a night here before catching a flight down to Krabi. Again, it was short and sweet. We literally got to the hostel, got changed, had food, slept, went to the airport so saw absolutely nothing of the city besides our hostel and an Irish pub!

bangkok palace

This summer, I have a few days tagged on the end of my trip to explore Bangkok at my leisure. I can’t wait. I’m going to be such a tourist! I will be all templed out by the time I get home! I will definitely have seen more than a hotel room and a pub!

Here’s my Bangkok bucketlist!

  • Wat Arun – when in Bangkok you’ve got to see temples right?
  • Wat Pho – particularly the reclining Buddha
  • Art in Paradise – looks like so much fun and something a bit different!
  • Chatuchak weekend market – I love me a bargain and could be a good place for souvenirs.

bangkok wat arun

  • Thai cooking class – would love to be able to cook authentic Thai food and actually know what I’m doing!
  • Khao San Road – I want to experience the craziness, but definitely do not want to stay on it!
  • Wat Saket
  • Thai massage
  • The Grand Palace – this is the only thing I remember doing aged 7 in Bangkok and I just remember marvelling at the ornateness of the palace.
  • Wat Suthat
  • Ayutthaya – this place looks amazing to visit as a day trip.
  • A boat trip on the Thornburi canals
  • Cocktails in The Sky Bar – who doesn’t love cocktails with a view?
  • Travel in a Tuk Tuk – again, when in Thailand…
  • Lumphini Park – would be nice to chill out if I get chance
  • Jim Thompson’s house
  • Wat Traimit
  • Floating markets – my dad did this when we were younger but me and my mum and brother were too jetlagged to get up early! 20 odd years later and I might manage it!

bangkok reclining buddha

Where would be on your Bangkok bucketlist? Is there anywhere I’ve missed?


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