My travel plans for the rest of 2017

I now have 2 confirmed trips and potentially another weekend or two away. I’m super happy because my 2 planned trips mean I will visit 3 new to me countries. This will take my total countries visited to 23 using the UN list. Yay! I’m still on track to reach 40 by 40!

Summer trip


It was also a travel resolution of mine to visit 2 or 3 new countries, as well as travel solo and go outside Europe this year. Well, I’m covering all 3 by visiting Cambodia & Vietnam in the summer. Although I’m joining a tour, I still consider it solo travel as I am going by myself. I also have a few days in Bangkok by myself at the end. I have written about this trip already here, so I won’t bore you with all the details. I’m so excited for this trip but slightly nervous! I’m sure I will have a fab time. In fact, I have friends currently in Vietnam and I’m loving all their photos and Snapchats!



In October, I am having a 5 day break in Lisbon. I can’t believe that I have never been to Portugal before. This is actually a hen do, but me and the hen are staying on for a couple of extra days. I plan on using this time to be a proper tourist and sightsee. Top of my list is Sintra! I’ve started a Pinterest board for Lisbon and oh my goodness, it looks so beautiful. I’m so excited for this trip!

As I said before, I’m also hoping to squeeze in a weekend or two either in the UK or Europe this year but nothing is set in stone yet.

Where are you visiting this year? Any tips for Lisbon or Bangkok?


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