I’m going to Vietnam & Cambodia!

Eeek! I’ve been brave and booked my summer trip! I’m going to Vietnam and Cambodia! Yay! This is the trip I’ve been talking about for a few years and thinking about for the last couple of summers and I’ve finally booked it! Yay!


Halong Bay

I’m super happy because:

  1. I’ve wanted to go for ages!
  2. It’s 2 new countries for me
  3. It fulfils 3 of my travel resolutions for this year! (2 or 3 new countries, go outside of Europe & travel solo)

I will be flying into Hanoi and spending a few days there, then heading to Halong Bay, then Hue, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City, then crossing into Cambodia and spending a few days in Phonm Penh and a few days in Siem Reap before finishing in Bangkok.

Image result for essential vietnam and cambodia

My route (source)

I am going by myself but joining a group tour, which I’m excited about. I’ll hopefully make new friends from around the world! I am having a few days in Bangkok by myself at the end though. I can’t wait to tick Halong Bay and Angkor Wat off the bucket list as well as actually explore Bangkok. I’ve been to Bangkok twice but haven’t actually seen much of it. 2017 is the year to fix this!

If you have any suggestions for where to stay/ eat/ drink/ do in Bangkok, please let me know! Actually, suggestions for what to do and where to eat for all places, especially Hanoi would be welcomed too!

Where are you going this year?




6 thoughts on “I’m going to Vietnam & Cambodia!

  1. Sounds like loads of fun, pretty similar trip to the one I’m on now! I absolutely adored Hoi An. Make sure you try the local dish Cao lau, my favourite place to have it was at Riverside Garden. It’s a little bit out of the town centre but so worth it! I’m currently editing my latest blog post which is about Hoi An so keep an eye on my page if you’re interested! Enjoy your travels!

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