My 2017 travel resolutions

As well as my usual resolutions of, y’know, lose weight, eat healthily, cut down on drinking etc I thought I’d make a few travel related resolutions. These will help me to see 40 countries before I’m 40, as well as my overall goal of seeing as much of the world as possible!


  1. Visit at least 2 new countries – If I’m to keep on track to see 40 before 40, then I need to visit at least 2 or 3 new countries this year. I have a huge list that I want to visit so we shall see what happens!
  2. Travel outside Europe this year – maybe Asia or South America? I realised I haven’t left Europe for a few years so maybe 2017 is the year to change all that! I really fancy some more South East Asia, but then South America is the only continent (besides Antarctica) that I haven’t visited. I also haven’t seen much of Africa, but really want to see more North America and New Zealand. Decisions decisions!
  3. Travel solo – I read so many blogs and stories of female solo travellers and they are all so inspiring! As there are so many places I want to go, I can’t always find people who want to go as well. I’m also single which makes it trickier to find a buddy. I find it ridiculous though that because I’m single or don’t have anyone to travel with, I feel like I can’t go places! I’ve though about solo trips for a while and I figure it’ll go one of 2 ways, either I’ll love it or hate it and if I hate it then I never have to do it again! I’m thinking a short solo trip in Europe might be a good taster!
  4. Improve my photography skills– I love taking photos. They are without a doubt the best souvenir! My aim is to have a gazillion photos from around the world! However, I don’t have a fancy camera or know much about photography. This year is the year to learn!
  5. Blog more! – I love reading through my blog at all my trips and adventures. It’s so nice to have them all in one place as a sort of online journal! As I work full time, blogging isn’t always high on my priority list but I hope to give it a bit more time this year. If I get some trips sorted!


What are your plans for the year?


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