Australia Travel Diary Part 7: Sydney

28th August

We left the surf camp at 7.00 this morning ready for the looooooong drive to Sydney. You really don’t appreciate just how big Australia is until you have to drive it, or at least travel by bus! What looks like 5 minutes on a map actually takes 5 hours. Seriously!

It’s quite sad because Sydney means the end of our trip and I’ve had THE BEST TIME EVER!

We stopped in the town of Port Macquairie which was quite pretty.

Just to get an idea of scale, we arrived in Sydney around 5.00 this evening. That’s a long ass day of travelling! You can also tell it’s getting near the end because the bus is a lot quieter now than it was at the start!


On our arrival in Sydney, we drove over the harbour bridge, which was super exciting! I got a few (blurry) pics of the bridge and the opera house but I can’t wait to explore!

Our hotel is nice, Holiday Inn in Kings Cross. It’s next to Kings Cross Hotel and opposite the big Coca Cola sign! We had a walk through Kings Cross – it’s a very interesting area! I also got in touch with a lad I went to school with who’s now living in Oz so hopefully will meet up at some point!

30th August

It’s our last night tonight (sad face) Can’t believe we go home tomorrow! The last 3 weeks have gone so quickly! I actually don’t want to go home. Bloody love Australia!

So, yesterday, we went to Manly Beach which was nice and not very busy. It was a bit chilly though! Definitely not sunbathing weather! We didn’t want to spend much time there because we wanted to explore the city centre more. We jumped on the ferry and headed back pretty much straight away.


We walked around Circular Quay. Took a gazillion photos of the Opera House and bridge. We wandered around the shops. I obviously headed straight to Topshop and Zara because I can shop there at home! My favourite building was the Queen Victoria building. It’s so beautiful!

As good as Sydney is, I think I prefer Melbourne. Sydney’s nice but it’s very busy. It seems a bit like London but nicer weather! Melbourne seems much more chilled out.



Thursday night was our last night on the tour so we all got dressed up and went to Stacks restaurant in Darling Harbour. It was rather posh! One of the dinner options was steak but you had to cook it yourself. Afterwards, we went to World Bar in Kings Cross. It was $5 vodka all night! That’s cheap! My friend from school was outside, randomly, so was good to see him.

It was a really good night! I think I went home about 3am and was ridiculously drunk! I don’t think walking through King’s Cross by myself at that time was the smartest thing I’ve done but luckily, I survived!

Today, we visited The Blue Mountains. They are absolutely stunning! I’m not gonna lie, the thought of trekking through some mountains with my hangover wasn’t taking me to a happy place, however, the Blue Mountains were one of the places I really wanted to visit so I dragged my ass out of bed. I’m so glad I did. The walk took us under the rocks and through waterfalls. Absolutely loved it. It proper sorted out my hangover!


We went to a town called Leura for lunch. They have a teapot museum and a really cool candy store! After lunch, we went to see The Three Sisters. Our tour guide told us the folk tale behind them. Basically, a father turned his daughters into stone so the boys from another town couldn’t steal them. Unfortunately, he got killed before he could turn them back so there they stand forever.


It was really sad driving back to the airport. John played Counting Stars one last time. That song will always have a special place in my heart. When we got back to the hotel, everyone was saying their goodbyes. It felt like no one wanted to cross the street as that meant it was all over.

Danny came back to our room for a bit because he was staying another few days. He enjoyed reading Reflected In You.

That night, we went for dinner with H & H to Hugo’s Lounge. It was this quite posh club where every single person seemed to be ridiculously hot and dressed to the nines (how I got in I have no idea) but they were serving pizza for $5. It was amazing pizza as well!


1st September

I’m currently sat in Abu Dhabi airport waiting to board the flight to London. I’m sooooo tired! It’s like 10pm Abu Dhabi time, which is like 7am the next day in Oz time.


It was so sad leaving! We had breakfast with a few people who had stayed am extra night. Just as we were about to check out our room, Counting Stars came on the TV. It was the perfect end to the trip. That song is so getting abused when I get home!

Danny sat with us in the lobby for a bit bless him and H&H were on our bus to the airport. Obviously, I stocked up on Tim Tam’s to take home!

Australia, you have been amazing! I’ve had the best holiday ever, met some awesome people and loved every second!


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