2016: My travel year in review

I love reading bloggers monthly and yearly round ups of their travels so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon! Unfortunately, I don’t travel enough for monthly round ups but I do for a yearly one! So here is my 2016 in travel.

Number of countries visited: 4 (UK, Denmark, Germany, Austria)

New countries: Denmark, Germany, Austria

Total countries visited: 20 (using UN country list)

Places visited: London, Copenhagen, Lake District, Devon, Munich, Vienna, Manchester

Flights taken: 6

Nights spent on trips: 22 (I think)

Favourite place visited: This is too hard, I loved Vienna and Copenhagen, and was so excited to see Neuschwanstein castle. I also fell in love with the Lake District and Manchester is my favourite UK city.









Plans for 2017

I actually have very few plans in stone at the moment. In fact, the only confirmed trip I have is a long weekend in Northumberland in May. I’m still working on seeing more of the UK!

I think I’m going to head back to London in February to see friends and am hoping to get a city break in April. I’m also hoping for a summer trip this year, as well a possible October city break. It would also be nice to spend New Year abroad next year but I don’t think this will necessarily happen.


Where have you been this year?


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