Vienna: What I did

I’m back from my super short break in Vienna. I had a fab time! My word for Vienna is clean. Everything about the city is just gorgeous; the buildings, the colours and the Christmas decorations… That city is the definition of Christmas. It’s like Christmas threw up there. It’s such a lovely time to go as it’s all Christmassy but not mega busy. I imagine the -4 degrees temperature puts a lot of people off! I hope to revisit at a later date to see all the things I missed. 2 days definitely wasn’t enough time.


Here’s my to-do list with what I saw!

  • Christmas markets – The reason I want to visit Vienna is to experience the Christmas markets so this shall be ticked off hopefully. There are lots of these spread around the city so we visited a few!
  • Eat Sachertorte – I’m all for local delicacies when they are cake! Did on the first night. I was hoping to have it again the second day but I filled up on schnitzel and couldn’t eat any more. It’s very yummy!
  • Visit Schloss Belvedere – love a good palace Beautiful and symmetrical!! Saw the famous Klimt paintings as well.
  • Visit Schloss Schonbrunn – whilst I’m looking at palaces…
  • Prater – looks like fun
  • Stephansdom – this is where to get a view apparently! Amazing view!!

I don’t think I did bad considering I was only there for 48 hours! Other things we did:

  • Visited Hundertwasserhaus
  • Ate schnitzel
  • Visited Hofberg
  • Went in a few smaller churches


I really enjoyed my short but sweet trip and I really liked Vienna. Although it’s not a cheap city I didn’t think it was too expensive. I definitely want to revisit another time and do all the stuff I didn’t have time to!


One thought on “Vienna: What I did

  1. Great post! I absolutely adore Christmas Markets. I visited a few in Germany and Sweden this year, but many times, I have heard that Austria (especially Vienna) takes the cake when it comes to holiday markets. Hope to visit next year!

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