My Vienna to do list


viennaAnother trip, another to do list!

Yes, in less than 48 hours I shall be in Vienna! I’m super excited about this trip! It’s only a short trip to experience the coldness and Christmas markets but I have compiled my usual wish list. I’m not sure how well this will work out due to time constraints and the weather, but I’ll try my best!

  • Christmas markets – The reason I want to visit Vienna is to experience the Christmas markets so this shall be ticked off hopefully.
  • Eat Sachertorte – I’m all for local delicacies when they are cake!
  • Visit Schloss Belvedere – love a good palace
  • Visit Schloss Schonbrunn – whilst I’m looking at palaces…
  • Prater – looks like fun
  • Stephansdom – this is where to get a view apparently!

I’ll leave my list as this for now. I’m only there for 48 hours so don’t want to overexert myself!

Have you visited Vienna? Where do you recommend?


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