My favourite thing I did in…

My favourite thing I did in Munich


Without a doubt, my favourite thing in Munich was Neuschwanstein Castle. Although it’s technically not in Munich, Munich is the closest city. As I’ve said before, seeing the castle was the reason I wanted to go to Munich and it certainly didn’t disappoint. It really is a fairy tale castle and is just as impressive in person as it is on Pinterest! It made me squeal with excitement when I first saw it. We did it as an organised day trip. You can visit it independently, but it gets very busy! I’d definitely recommend this to anyone.


My favourite thing I did in Copenhagen



I love it when I have unexpectedly brilliant experience. The street food hall on Paper Island in Copenhagen was one of those experiences. We read a brief sentence about it when we arrived and then found it on one of our wanders around the city. It was fab! I’ve spoke about it before but in case you missed it, it has loads of street food stalls inside from every corner of the globe! Thai, Indian, Middle Eastern, South American, Australian, British… literally all cuisines are catered for here. Definitely worth a visit if you love food.


My favourite thing I did in Sydney


To be fair, we didn’ really do much in Sydney besides wander the city and see the Blue Mountains (which are impressive and beautiful!) but my favourite thing I did was just to see the iconic bridge and opera house. I got loads of photos of them from all angles, including very blurry first glimpse shots, but the view from Mrs Macquairies chair is my favourite.

My favourite thing I did in Rome




I’ve got to cheat here and have 2 favourite things because I just can’t choose! I equally love The Colosseum and the view from the top of St Peter’s basilica. I love both for different reasons and both are very different attractions. The Colosseum is an amazing feat of engineering and architecture, especially when you consider that it’s over 2000 years old. It’s truly incredible. Whereas, the climb to the top of St Peters basilica is tiring and claustrophobic, but it’s certainly worth the pain. I love views and the view from the top is arguably one of the best views I’ve ever witnessed.


My favourite thing I did in Florence


Another view! This time it was the view from Piazzale Michaelangelo, which gives the most incredible view over the city and even includes the Tuscan countryside. Another good thing about this is that is free! The walk up is steep but it’s not too bad. To go one better, you could climb up to Abbazia di San Miniato al Monte where the views are even more stunning. It certainly gives you a perspective of how big the duomo and church are!


My favourite thing I did in Edinburgh


This was a surprise to me, as visiting Royal Yacht Britannia wasn’t on my agenda for Edinburgh. It was actually the mothers choice of activity but I loved it! I found it fascinating and was really excited to see the Queen’s bedroom! As I said, it wasn’t something that I was particularly bothered about but when I think about my trip to Edinburgh, this stands out. I was impressed with how they had literally everything you could ever need in life on board, from dentist and doctors to laundry and post office. It was incredible. Definitely worth a visit.


My favourite thing I did in Melbourne


I have been a huge Neighbours fan since I was born pretty much. When I found out you could do a Neighbours tour it went onto my life’s ambitions list where it has stayed until I finally did it a few years ago. In fact, it was a huge factor in deciding to visit Melbourne and was without a doubt my favourite thing. You probably have to be a Neighbours fan to appreciate this, but if you are then you should definitely get yourself on this tour! I even met Sonya!!


My favourite thing I did in Budapest


I love Budapest and think it is now one of my favourite places! The whole city is lovely and there is loads to do and its mega cheap. It’s hard to choose because I liked so much, such as the views from Fisherman’s Bastion and catching the funicular, but I think my favourite was having cake at Gerbeaud. I love dobosz torta, which is a traditional Hungarian cake so it was a real treat to go to the posh patisserie and indulge!


My favourite thing I did in Milan

bulls balls

I really liked Milan as it was cool and stylish without trying too hard. It doesn’t have as many big attractions as other Italian cities and it may not be as pretty but it’s still worth a visit. In my opinion, it’s quite liveable. My favourite thing was spinning on the bulls balls in the Galleria! Such a fun touristy thing to do! You put your heel in the groove and spin 3x for good luck!


My favourite thing I did in The Lake District


My favourite thing about the Lake District is how stunningly beautiful it is. Seriously! The whole area is just gorgeous. The photo above was taken at Lake Coniston and has not been edited or filtered in any way. It’s just that beautiful. The area we stayed was around Ambleside and Coniston, and it was simply gorgeous. My dad and I went on an early morning walk, which was when I took this photo, and I think that was when I fell in love with the place.


My favourite thing I did in Croatia


This was a lazy, relatively relaxing holiday so there isn’t too much to talk about besides sunbathing and reading, however, in Split, we took a walking tour of Diocletians Palace. This was really interesting and I learnt loads of facts. I always enjoy taking a walking tour and learning about places this way.


My favourite thing I did in Venice


The colourful island of Burano is well worth a visit. This island is often featured on places to visit lists and its easy to see why. Famous for lace making, there isn’t a great deal to do except wander and admire the pretty colours! As with Venice itself, Burano is very photogenic so make sure you have plenty of battery on your camera!



My favourite thing I did in Thailand


Thailand was my first experience of backpacking and using hostels, and I absolutely loved it! I had such a fun few weeks there that it’s hard to choose a favourite thing. Mainly because all I did was sunbathe and drink! Of all the places we visited,  I had the most fun on Phi Phi, but I thought Ko Pha Ngan was the most beautiful. We stayed well away from Haad Rin but did venture in for Full Moon. This was the fastest night of my life and I’m still entirely sure what happened! My favourite thing about Thailand is a toss up between the food (watermelon shakes, Thai curries & spring rolls come at me!) and the gorgeous beach we lazed around on all day at Ko Pha Ngan. Tough call!


My favourite thing I did in Naples


As you may have gathered, Naples wasn’t my favourite place. We made lots of effort to see attractions around the area such as Capri and Mt Vesuvius, but my favourite was Pompeii. In fact, Pompeii was the reason I wanted to go to Naples. I’m a bit of a history geek and have always wanted to go since I first heard about Pompeii at primary school. It was so interesting but I still feel there’s loads I need to see there! I didn’t realise how big it is!


What’s your favourite thing or place you’ve ever visited?



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