Australia Travel Diary Part 6: Byron Bay & Coffs Harbour

26th August

Today we left Surfer’s Paradise and went to Byron Bay. I heart Byron Bay and could definitely spend longer here.

Whilst we were waiting for the bus, John was winding me up about Saturday night. He knows I can’t remember half the night as I was slightly inebriated. He kept calling me ‘MM’ but I’m not sure why or what it means! I hope I didn’t do anything stupid!



Me and my brother in 1993 and me in 2013.

On the way to Byron, we stopped at a wildlife sanctuary and I finally held a koala! 20 years on and I actually did it. Yay me! It was so cute, but it stunk! I had a white Tshirt on which got koala shit on it. Not a good look! However, the wildlife sanctuary did have some mega cute kangaroos and joeys. They were awesome and are definitely my favourite Australian animal.


When we arrived in Byron Bay, we headed up to the lighthouse, which is the most easterly point of Australia. It had the most amazing views over Byron Bay and I’m sure I saw a dolphin or a whale in the sea!


For lunch, we went to this awesome burger place called Bellaporto, which does the best chicken burgers in the world! Then we wandered around the shops and strolled along the beach. It’s so nice and chilled out here, I’m gutted to only be spending 1 night.


Obviously, I needed to have an afternoon nap, then after that, we went out for dinner to Cheeky Monkey’s. I had veg nachos which is totally not something I would usually have. My dad would be so impressed! After that, we went for a drink at Woody’s then I headed home.

I was just lying in bed, abusing the wifi I’d just bought, when some weird drunk German girl climbed onto our balcony and started banging on the window. Scared the shit out of me! Luckily she got bored after a few minutes and climbed over to the next room!

28th August

So we left Byron Bay yesterday. I was very sad about this as I would love to spend more time there. Just another place to add to the list of places I want to go back to again and revisit.

We arrived at Mojo Surf camp, which is near Coffs Harbour. This guy jumps on the bus with a broad Sheffield accent and started telling us all about it. We had a quick tour of the camp and told us that:

  1. If we have sex on the pool table, it will be videoed by CCTV and uploaded to Youtube!
  2. If we go skinny dipping, he will steal our clothes.
  3. If we give him $5, after 10pm, he will give us keys to the dryer room so we can sit on the machines!

I found him hilarious!!


Our accommodation for the night was a tin can. Literally! It was a shipping container that had been converted. Wasn’t the best accommodation, but it was nowhere near as bad as I was expecting and was actually surprisingly warm.

Most people did the surf lesson. I didn’t obviously, as I can’t swim and would have hated the whole experience! The instructor was fit though, which made me reconsider, especially as he probably would have to give me mouth to mouth at some point! I was actually pleased I didn’t partake. It looked so difficult and I really wouldn’t have enjoyed getting knocked off the board!

Later on, the evenings entertainment was 4 of the guys who worked there dressed as women. They had to compete on looks, pole dancing, catwalk & what goes through their mind when they’re with a ‘man’. It was hilarious. Quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. One of them had no pants on so flashed us all! Another dressed as an African lady. He was really funny. They also had to dance with a bloke, which was hysterically funny! One of the best nights entertainment I’ve ever had. Luckily, I didn’t drink too much as we left surf camp at 7am, ready for the long drive to Sydney. This makes me sad as it means our trip’s nearly over


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