Highlights of Copenhagen

Earlier this year, I took a 3 night break in Copenhagen. I’d been inspired to visit after reading several blog posts and articles about the city, as well as a friend of mine visiting it earlier on and sharing the most beautiful photos. After a quick search on Skyscanner for flights, which came up at £35 return, it was booked!

It was my first visit to Scandinavia, so I was slightly worried that it would be cold and expensive, however, I needn’t have worried. I discovered that you can do it on a budget, and that Copenhagen is a seriously cool and interesting city. Here are some of my favourite things that we did.



Everyone who comes to Copenhagen visits Nyhavn. Every article about Copenhagen features Nyhavn. In fact, if you see a photo from Copenhagen, chances are it’s Nyhavn. Nyhavn is the famous colourful harbour area that is lined with cafes, bars and restaurants. Hans Christian Anderson used to live here, and I can imagine that property prices for this street are ridiculous. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t the greatest when we visited so I couldn’t get the best photo, but it didn’t ruin the atmosphere of the area. It was still bustling and busy, and I noticed many of the restaurants provided blankets so you could still be warm whilst sat outside.

Canal cruise


Copenhagen is famous for it’s waterways (amongst other things) and one of the best ways to see the main sights is a canal cruise. There are loads to choose from, but the one we opted for lasted about 45 mins and departed hourly from Nyhavn. The guide onboard explains all about the different areas and the history of Copenhagen. Did you know it was part modelled on Amsterdam? We saw Nyhavn, the theatre, the Royal Family’s yacht, The Little Mermaid Statue and Noma amongst other things. The weather was a bit drizzly that day, and the boat is under cover, so was a good way to see the city whilst staying dry.




This was the spot where I got my view of the city from, because I love a good view! Rundetaarn is a large spiralling tower with rooftop views. It is also next to a church, which is free to visit. Rundetaarn is easy to walk up as it has no steps, just a smooth, slanting walkway. There is an art gallery part way up, which breaks up the walk. There’s not a massive amount to do here, and doesn’t require more than an hour, but is good if you like views!





Christiania is notorious within Copenhagen. It is an area inhabited by hippies, and they have kind of set up a free town. There are lots of artists living there and one of the most well known aspects of Christiania is Pusher Street. This where you can buy weed from one of many stalls, and it was very popular when I visited. It is not legal, however, I think the authorities turn a blind eye, as long as it is contained within Christiania. It’s a very interesting and unique place to visit within the city. I can imagine it would be good fun to spend a while people watching here!



Street Food hall


This was possibly my favourite thing that we did on the trip, and definitely the best place we ate. The Street Food Hall is over the water, opposite Nyhavn and the theatre. It’s a short walk from Christiania and next to Experimentarium City. Inside, it’s packed with street food stalls, featuring cuisines from all over the globe. You name it, you can eat it. British, Indian, Thai, Brazilian, Middle Eastern, South American, Australian… Seriously good if you love food! I had a red Thai curry that was freshly prepared right in front of me, and I think it was possibly the best Thai curry I’ve ever had. Even better than when I was in Thailand! I highly recommend a visit!


Tivoli Gardens


Another one of Copenhagen’s most famous attractions, Tivoli Gardens is the original theme park. It is said that Walt Disney modelled Disneyland on Tivoli. There are plenty of rides and attractions to appeal to a range of ages, as well as a selection of restaurants and food places. It is definitely somewhere you could spend the whole day. We only visited for a couple of hours during the day, as we were flying home that day, but at night, it is supposed to be beautiful. The walkways and trees are lit up and there are lanterns and all kinds of lighting to make it look magical. For me, the highlight of Tivoli was the rabbit show that was taking place that day. There were lots of people (mainly teenage girls) with their pet rabbits completing an obstacle course on stage! Amazing!

There are plenty more things to see and do in Copenhagen. These are just the things that stand out for me, and I recommend you do if you are short on time.

What is your favourite thing in Copenhagen? Have I missed anything?



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