Australia Travel Diary Part 4: Rockhampton & Fraser Island

21st August

I bought a new pen! It’s purple and sparkly! I just couldn’t resist! I got it from an awesome shop I discovered called Typo, which is like Paperchase. They sold stampers that said WTF! I really wanted one for work, but I don’t think that would have gone down well!

Today has been a travelling day so we’ve been on the bus for several hours. We left the Whitsundays at 7:30 and stopped at a town called Mackay. I had to have a 20p ice cream cone from Maccies. Still can’t get my head round how cheap they are considering how expensive the whole country is!


We’ve spent the night at a working cattle farm just outside of Rockhampton. It’s in the middle of nowhere, and is so peaceful and quiet. You forget just how big Australia is! When we arrived, we went on a tractor ride around the farm, wearing the obligatory cowboy hats! We met one of the cows, who was called Sausage. He’s got a bit of a fiery temper!


The showers on the farm are horrific! They are in a separate block, and only seem to have the temperatures of ice cold or boiling hot! Honestly, there was nothing in between! Worst shower of my life so far! On the plus side, dinner was beaut! We had a traditional Sunday dinner. Roast beef, Yorkshire pud, veg and lashings of gravy. It completely made up for the shit shower! I was even mega brave, and tried pumpkin for the first time, but didn’t like it.

After dinner, the entertainment began! It started with some whip cracking. We had to wear safety specs and everything! I was rubbish at it! It’s all in the wrist action apparently! Must be out of practise! Then the line dancing and karaoke began! For a while I forgot I was in Australia, and thought I was in the Wild West! The drinks were flowing, everyone was having fun, it was a great evening. The boys did a fab rendition of I’m Too Sexy!! Hilarious!

22nd August

After a hilarious, but cold night on the farm, we’ve moved onto another cold night on Fraser Island. As most places in Australia appear to be, the farm and Fraser Island are lovely in the daytime, but freezing at night! They are also both spectacularly beautiful!

Our journey today was short – about 4 hours plus a ferry crossing! John was playing some good tunes on the bus including Nine Inch Nails. I was enjoying the beauty of Closer when he suddenly remembered his audience and turned it off! Every time I was nodding off on the bus, we got a ten minute warning. Grrrr! We stopped off at a small town for a break, something like Mirriam Vale, but I have no idea! Then for lunch we stopped at Childers. Childers is big on the backpacking circuit as there are lots of farms for fruit picking. People are keen to extend their visa for a second year!


Obviously I had to have another 20p ice cream from McDonalds! On the way back to the bus, we reached a Subway where there was obviously free wifi as EVERYONE was stood outside on their phones! Wifi in Australia is seriously rubbish!

Anyway, back to Fraser Island! It’s gorgeous! It’s the biggest natural sand island in the world, so is essentially a massive pile of sand! The only place there were roads was within the hotel resort we stayed at. The rest of the island is sandy tracks, and the main highway is the beach!


We went down to the beach at the hotel resort around 5.30pm to witness the sunset. IT WAS AMAZING!! One of the best sunsets I’ve ever witnessed! (It’s currently my header picture on the blog). It was so beautiful. We were stood on the pier, but people were on the beach, and there was a little bar, aptly called The Sunset Bar, where you could buy drinks and watch the sunset. Such a lovely way to start the evening.


fraser sunset

After the sunset we went for dinner, then headed back up to our lodge. The lodge was up a big-ass hill that I refused to walk up, being all unfit, so I waited for the shuttle bus. My friends were already in the bar close by so I joined them for $12 pitchers of cocktail and twister! I befriended a stag do, who were all wearing onesies and morph suits! One of the guys was single so I agreed to be his partner for couples twister! That was interesting!

23rd August

Today was so much fun! We left Fraser Island and journeyed on to Noosa, but it took the whole day because it was a fun adventure tour through Fraser Island. We had a 4WD tour across the island, before arriving in Noosa. As all the roads are sand, it was a very bumpy ride! We stopped at Lake Mckenzie, which is rumoured to have healing water. Thought I’d have a paddle to see if it was true!


lake mckenzie

For lunch we had a bbq. Can’t beat a good old bbq! It was beaut except for the pesky kookaburras who kept trying to steal food! We had to shield our food, but they still managed to get Heather’s sausage!


After a jaunt along the main highway, aka the beach, we had a walk through the rainforest, which was very pretty. We walked along a creek called Silent Creek, and it really was silent! The water was crystal clear as well.

The final stop on Fraser Island was Rainbow Beach. It’s pretty much as described. It’s a beach with different shades of sand and has such a pretty effect. It reminded me of those sand bottles you can buy in tourist shops. Once we’d marvelled at the sand, we tried lamingtons, which are sponge cakes covered in icing and coconut, and headed back on our 4WD into Noosa.



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