Australia Travel Diary Part 3: The Whitsundays

19th August

Today has been a loooooong day! I was up at 5am for the 6am bag drop. We set off at 6:30 for our long drive to The Whitsundays. We stopped at a couple of places along the way: Cardwell and Townsville. Cardwell was damaged a couple of years ago in a cyclone and is still being done up.


Some people got off at Airlie Beach Marina to do the 2 nights sailing. I’m quite glad I’m not doing the sailing cos our hotel is quite nice. It’s a bit 60’s stylee, but, more importantly, has free Wifi!!!! I’ve missed this so much! I’ve been facebooking up a storm!

The Whitsundays seem gorgeous so far. The island we’re on is called Daydream Island. It’s like paradise! I’m so excited for the day sail tomorrow! Free lunch and bar!!!

We had dinner included tonight, which was a pizza and pasta buffet. The highlight though, was the ice cream factory style pudding with loads of sweets and toppings! Loved it!


20th August

I have officially been to paradise today! Whitehaven Beach is so gorgeous! The water is crystal clear. The sand is pure white and so soft. It’s unspoilt, natural beauty! Obviously, we did all the classic jumping mid-air shots!


We went on a boat trip on Camira. One of the crew was hot! When we were getting back onto the boat to head back, I had to get the guy to pick me up and put back on the dinghy cos I’m so rubbish at climbing! I loved being on the boat and lying in the sun. I got a bit burnt though! Oops! The food on the boat was good. They did a BBQ lunch. There was also an open bar which most people took advantage of! Whitehaven Beach has definitely been a highlight so far!


When we got back, we abused the free wifi for a bit, then went for a walk. We went to Sunset Beach. That was beautiful too. I was so at peace there, and just trying to soak it all in. I really don’t want to go home! We saw a wallaby with a joey in it’s pouch just hopping around. It was so cute!


For dinner, we went to a restaurant called The Fish Bowl, which was so expensive!! I only had wedges which were $9.50, but I got loads. There was a bit of a heated discussion between some of the girls about a guy from the bar crawl in Cairns. We made a quick exit as it was nothing to do with us! Eeek!


Got to be up early tomorrow for a 6:30 bag drop ready for the farm stay!!


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