My Australia Travel Diary Part 2: Cairns & Cape Tribulation

14th August

We’ve arrived in Cairns for part 2 of our Oz adventure. We had a bit of drama at the airport in Melbourne, because our schedule had changed but the airline hadn’t exchanged the ticket. Anyway, we eventually got it changed with like 3 minutes til they closed the flight!

We got to Cairns about 4ish and the weather was bloody lovely! 28 degrees! Proper holiday weather! Our hotel is very nice as well.

We had our Contiki meeting tonight as well. Everyone seems nice. There’s 17 people going to Cape Tribulation, then there’s going to be about 30 odd at the weekend. Us, H & H befriended 2 Irish guys and another girl. We all went for dinner and a couple of drinks. We went to the night market, which was amazing! Chinese food court and amazing stalls with jewellery and trinkets. I saw a sign that I really want to buy. I might have to purchase it later!

17th August

It’s now day 3 of our Contiki tour and I’m having the best time ever!


On the first day, we got on the bus and went up to Cape Tribulation. There were 17 of us doing the rainforest bit and then another 15 or so joining today.

On the way to Cape Tribulation, we stopped at this place called Mossman Gorge. It’s part of the rainforest and they do guided walks. The guides walk you around showing you plants and things aborigines use. I learnt that you don’t touch any of the plants cos they’ll either cure you or kill you.There’s no inbetween! We tried some damper when we finished our walk, which is basically a scone.

We stopped at a Woolworths to buy supplies for the night cos once your at Cape Tribulation, it’s pretty isolated. Our bus driver told us loads about the rainforest, and as we crossed the Daintree River, he told us that the boats that are like marooned there show spots where people have been killed by crocodiles. The last one was a 4 year old boy a few years ago.

We stayed in a YHA so it was pretty basic. We had to make our beds, and the toilets and showers were in a separate block, but it was ok. There were lots of bugs and wildlife around though! I got attacked by a cricket in the toilets. One of the scariest moments of my life!! We had the option to go jungle surfing, but I didn’t, so we all went down to the beach. It was BEAUTIFUL!! Like paradise! Cape Tribulation is gorgeous!


Later on, after the drinks had begun flowing full force, we played I have never and truth or dare. I probably revealed a bit too much about myself! Never mind! One of the Irish guys streaked down the hill, which was hilarious! The guys from the jungle surf came down and one of them ate a spider. He was a dick!

The next day, we went for a walk along the beach. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. So quiet and peaceful. We went to the lookout point, and our tour manager gave us some background info and history on the area, and how Captain Cook named Cape Tribulation and Mount Sorrow.


On our way back to Cairns, we stopped at Port Douglas, which is quite a well to do place. It’s really nice. There’s a beautiful, little church where you can get married. There’s a two year waiting list though. I want to get married there. It’s called St Mary’s by the Sea. We went in a really cool shop that sells Buddha’s and wood carvings etc. We had lunch at The Courthouse and ice cream from Wicked Ice Cream.


On our journey back, we stopped at 2 lookout points. One was of Snapper Island, and you could see the island where Steve Irwin was killed. The second was on the Captain Cook highway, which runs alongside the coast. It has the most amazing scenery.

We got back into Cairns around 4pm and got our rooms. We all met at reception to go to The Woolshed for dinner. I had sweet chilli chicken. The restaurant then turns into a club and everyone dances on tables! We were all drinking jungle juice cos it was like $3. God knows what was in it! There was a load of US marines in town til Sunday, so plenty of American guys! Why do the all wear a tshirt under their shirts? We met one guy who was ridiculously excited to meet people from all over the world. He was hilarious! I then became the official referee of the game ‘flip cup’. Loved it! It’s a race between two teams on either side of the table to down a shot of drink, then flip your cup upside down. The next person can only down their shot, when the cup before them has landed upside down. They take it very seriously! I befriended one particular marine, who kept asking me if I wanted to ‘hang out’. I told him I’d be on the beach today. Turns out there isn’t even a beach! I was my usual sarcastic, bitchy self. Whilst I was talking to him, I could really hear my British accent. Never knew I could ever sound British!


The marines all had to be home by midnight, just like Cinderella. After he left, I danced on the table, milled about and generally got more drunk! I tried setting my friend up with some guy she liked, that entertained me for about 5 minutes. It was a little bit scary standing by myself whilst my friends were kissing in the corner! Weird guys just kept drifting towards me, and I really wished they wouldn’t. I did chat a Welsh guy though.

Today, we were mega lazy. Most of the group went to The Great Barrier Reef on a trip, so we just stayed in bed. When we finally surfaced, we went for a walk along the lagoon and esplanade. We enquired about boat trips. In one shop, I got talking to the guy who was working there about Macchu Picchu and it sounds amazing! He was showing me all his facebook photos of his travels and telling me all about Cairo and India. His fave place is London though. He was also telling me how amazing sky diving is and showed me his video. It does look awesome, but I’m still scared! He invited me to go with him on Friday. It’s a shame we’ll have moved on by then!



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