The Blue Mountains


It was our final day in Australia. I woke up hungover, feeling very tired and slightly queasy. ‘Why is my alarm going off?’ I wondered. Then it hit me…. We’re trekking through the Blue Mountains this morning!

I’m not the most active of people at the best of times, but after about 3 hours sleep and consuming my body weight in vodka not much earlier, the thought of trekking round some mountains wasn’t taking me to a happy place! But I dragged myself out of bed and made the effort. This was our last day and I really did want to see the blue mountains and see whether they were really blue!

Turns out they really do look blue! The blue haze that is visible is due to the large quantities of eucalyptus that cover the mountains.


On the journey there, everyone was sat with headphones in or napping after the previous nights exertions! It was a very quiet journey! I’m not going to lie, I really wasn’t looking forward to it!

However, once we reached the park and I looked out over the mountains, I was in total awe. The view was stunning. It was a beautiful day, not too hot and the scenery was spectacular. I actually started to get excited!


We walked down past a small waterfall, along some rather precarious paths and ledges. We kept stopping at various look out points because the views truly were stunning. I could feel my hangover disappearing with each step! I love a good view and, as I’ve said before, Australia really is the most naturally beautiful country I’ve visited so far.


After our walk, we hopped back on our bus, listened to Counting Stars again, and headed towards Echo Point. Echo Point is the site of The 3 Sisters. We were told the folk tale behind these 3 rocks. I won’t ruin it for anyone but I’m sure you can Google it! As always, the views were incredible!




The 3 Sisters

All too soon, our trip was over and we were heading back to Sydney. This was the final final trip of our tour so as soon as we got off the bus, it was over! Boo! It was quite emotional saying bye to the 30 people I’d befriended over the past few weeks. It didn’t seem real that our trip to Oz was fast coming to an end!


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