My To do list: London

By the time you read this I shall be in the big smoke aka London! I’m super excited! Considering London is the capital city of the country I live in, I rarely visit and have done far too few things there! I plan on rectifying this and it’s also part of the resolution I made for 2015 (eek) to see more of the UK!


A rubbish picture I took last time I was in London!

I’m in London for the weekend so my time is limited. However, I plan on cramming as much in as possible without rushing! I’m also stopping with a friend so will get to experience a bit of life as a local!

  • Visit The Tower of London. As a lover of Philipa Gregory books, I’m desperate to visit the tower! This is the main thing planned!
  • Go see a West End Show. I have already seen several West End shows but it’s always nice to see more. This will be time and price depending.
  • Shop up a storm. Obviously the first place I will be heading is Oxford Street (Topshop get ready).
  • Shop in Liberty. Whilst on the subject, I’ve always wanted to go to Liberty, particularly the haberdashery department so that’s one of the first places I plan on going!
  • Platform 9 3/4. Hopefully, I shall be able to take a famous photo either when I first arrive or when I leave!
  • Selfie with Big Ben. Never done this.
  • Drink cocktails. I’m hoping to discover a cool cocktail bar that isn’t too expensive!


I think that’s everything I have planned! Not a massive list but time is limited and I want it to be achievable!

What would be on your London list?


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