My 10 best travel Instagram photos of 2015

This year, I visited Budapest, Edinburgh and Croatia and took a gazillion photos! Some ended up on social media, some didn’t.

Instagram has become my favourite social media platform. I spend far more time on it and post more frequently than any other. I love pictures and spend hours trawling through various accounts. It’s amazing how quickly time can pass on Instagram!

I thought it’d be fun to take a look back at the best (most liked) travel pictures on Instagram from this year.

instagram 10

10. Hvar, Croatia

This was the view from our balcony of our Airbnb apartment in Hvar. It had just threw it down for about 10 minutes before I took the photo! Nice to have sea views!

Instagram 9

9. Split, Croatia

Love these pretty flowers growing alongside buildings in Diocletian’s Palace in Split.

instagram 8

8. Split, Croatia

This was taken on our final day in Split of the Riva. It was sooooo hot!

Instagram 7

7. Budapest, Hungary

This is one of my favourite photos I took. I was determined to get my own picture of the iconic river and this is it! Love love love Budapest!

instagram 6

6. Budapest, Hungary

I saw this bench in City Park in Budapest, right outside Szechenyi Baths. I totally share it’s sentiments!

instagram 5

5. Edinburgh, Scotland

Another one of my favourite photos. This was taken from the roof of Camera Obscura. As you may know, I love a good view and this view of Edinburgh’s rooftops doesn’t disappoint.

instagram 4

4. Florence, Italy

I feel like this one is cheating as the photo was taken in 2014, but I posted it on Instagram this year. It was taken part way up Giotto’s Bell Tower and, obviously, gives a fab view of the duomo.

instagram 3

3. Shoes on the Danube, Budapest

In a city filled with statues and monuments, The Shoes on the Danube is probably the most poignant. It acts as a reminder of a terrible time in history. I like the simplicity of black and white on this photo.

instagram 2

2. Split, Croatia

The only selfie that made the list! This was taken from a look out point in the Marjan area of the city.

instagram 1

  1. Split, Croatia

I’m actually quite surprised that this is my most popular travel instagram picture. It’s not a bad picture, I just prefer others! This was also taken in the Marjan area of a tiny church. I just wish I’d taken a photo of the front of it, rather than the back!

Which is your favourite? Where have you travelled to this year?


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