Just over 48 hours in Edinburgh: part 2


Our second day in Edinburgh was a busy one! We started with a good breakfast, then hopped on the bus to head down to go see Royal Yacht Britannia. I have to admit, this was more my mums idea than mine. Seeing a ship wasn’t high on my list of things to do but I actually really enjoyed it. I got really excited about seeing the Queen’s bedroom and where they stayed on board. The ship itself is very impressive, but I had to keep reminding myself that it wasn’t the Titanic!!


Me being admiral


The Queen’s bedroom


The crew’s bedroom

I learnt loads including that the admiral is the bloke in charge, it takes hundreds of people to operate the ship, and there is literally everything you could ever need on that ship, including a hospital, a laundry and a post office! Amazing. One of the highlights included having afternoon tea! The cakes are delicious!


Hospital room


Operating theatre


State Dining Room

I think HMS Britannia was one of my favourite things I did in Edinburgh.

We headed back to the city centre as we were booked on a ghost tour. I can’t remember which one we did, but there are loads of different tours and each offer varying levels of frights! Because we are wimps, we went for one that wasn’t too scary.

Our guide took us around parts of the Royal Mile and explained about ghosts and supernatural events that have occurred. She then took us down one of the many lanes off the Royal Mile and we walked to the company’s building. This took us underground and gave us a tour of the caves under the city. It was really interesting and slightly spooky at times, although it was never truly scary.


Part of the ghost walk

We then pottered about, hit up a few shops, had tea, then I insisted on a couple of drinks to end the night.


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