Just over 48 hours in Edinburgh: Part 1…


I have been so bad at blogging about my travels this year. I’ve posted loads of photos, but for some reason, I struggle to write posts with any substance to them. I suppose life just gets in the way! Sometimes sitting and writing doesn’t sound like fun! I’d much rather look at pretty pictures!

I realised that I haven’t written much about my trip to Edinburgh waaaay back in April! That’s how rubbish I’ve been! It’s time to rectify this!


I went for a 2 night trip to Edinburgh with the mother. Originally, I wanted to go to London for a trip but the mother doesn’t like large cities or crowds apparently, so we ended up in bonny Scotland instead.

royal mile

The flight was so cool. It only took about an hour and I saw some gorgeous scenery whilst over Scotland. I really need to do a highlands trip! When you’re approaching Edinburgh, the plane flies out over the sea then turns to come back. As your watching out the window, it does look like you’re going to land in the water though!


This was another hand luggage only trip, so we were straight through the airport and caught the bus into the centre of Edinburgh. We stayed at the Premier Inn on Princes Street so we were right in the centre. We were opposite the castle!

On our we first day, we had a wander round. My mum likes to stop for a coffee every half hour (it felt like) so we explored a few cafes. We wandered up to the Castle, took a few snaps, went to Camera Obscura, walked some of the Royal Mile, listened to a few bag pipes, booked a ghost tour… quite productive!


Camera Obscura was really cool! It’s a museum with optical illusions, and its very hands on, which is great! You get given a time to go and see the actual Camera Obscura, but can spend as much time as you want exploring the attractions. There are mirror mazes, a crazy tunnel that proper spun me out. I actually lost my sunglasses on it! It’s a tunnel thats revolving but the walkway stays still. As soon as I step foot inside it, I went all sick and dizzy so my sunglasses flew off my head! It was dark so I had so chance of finding them! There’s also things like a box that makes you look like a floating head, odd sized rooms, weird mirrors, heat sensors, all kinds of optical illusions! Really enjoyed it! The camera itself was invented over 150 years ago and provides views of Edinburgh on the viewing table. It uses a giant periscope to observe the city and the views are shown on the large viewing table. The guides then squash people, create bridges, pick people up as part of the entertainment. It’ll make more sense if you visit! There’s also amazing views over the city and of the castle from it’s roof. I love a good view!


My first observations about Edinburgh were the granite buildings. It looks historical, but not too old. Smart and presentable, yet cultural. It helps that there are parks and greenery, as well as statues and monuments to admire. I really liked the city. I loved all the little lanes and alleys off the Royal Mile. I felt like there were lots of secrets and stories to be told!



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