Budapest day 3

Our final full day in Budapest was a leisurely one. Seeing as we’d explored the Buda side the day before, we opted to see the highlights of Pest. In particular, we headed up to Heroes Square and City Park.


We headed onto the famous Andrassy Ut, and our first stop was House of Terror. If you’re into War history, then this will fascinate you. It was really interesting and you recieve a wealth of information. There are loads of handouts for you take home and read at your leisure. The building itself was the headquarters of The Hungarian Arrow Cross Party and the secret police during WW2. In the basement are the cells and gallows that were used. Some are literally just big enough for one person to stand up in. Pretty harrowing stuff. It’s somewhat ironic that this beautiful building on the busiest and prettiest street in Budapest was used for such an awful purpose.


After the museum, we carried on walking up the lovely Andrassy Ut until the top which is where Heroes Square is and city park. Within city park are the famous Szechenyi Baths, Budapest Zoo, the ice rink and Vajdahunyad Castle. We visited on a Saturday and there was a market going on. It was really busy, with lots of locals there. The food smelt delicious but it seemed to be mainly fish. The ice rink was closed. It must have shut within the last day or two before we visited. We had a wander round the park, saw the baths, considered going in but then didn’t. We also considered going in the zoo, but it looked pretty depressing from the outside and neither of us wanted to give money to it.

heroes square





We then spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around Pest and eating. I love all the cake shops in Budapest!

For dinner, we went to a pizzeria on the street next to our hotel, called Il Terzo Cerchio. This had also received good reviews on Trip Advisor. It was seriously good pizza! It was also really busy! We ended up sitting on like a mezzanine bit and it was red hot!

The one thing we’d not on any evenings previously is get photos of the river at night. Because we’d eaten dinner near our hotel, we couldn’t be bothered to walk the 10 minutes to the Danube. Seeing as it was our final evening, we went and snapped away!



We finished our evening in the hotel, drinking yet more cocktails.

I’ll include day 4 in this post, as this wasn’t a full day. By this point, I’d done something to my leg so was struggling to walk. I was literally dragging my leg behind me! I had to keep stopping every few minutes as it was so painful.

The only thing we did this day was continue our tradition of having cake every day! We visited the poshest and most famous patisserie in Budapest, Gerbeaud. OMG! Best cake ever! Ridiculously posh! They serve such fancy cakes! I had dobos cake again, seeing as its traditional! It was so rich! I managed to eat it though. It was expensive for Budapest, but not as expensive as it would have been in the UK. You definitely have to visit Gerbeaud!


Then it was time to taxi to the airport and head home. I was sat with the same group of guys that I was with on the way there, so that was nice. I quizzed them all about their lives! Funnily enough, no one was drinking on the way home!


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