Edinburgh wishlist


As you read this, I’ll be up in sunny (hopefully) Scotland, sampling the delights of their capital city. I’m mega excited! This is also an opportunity for me to work on my new years resolution of exploring more of the UK. I’ve heard so many good things about Edinburgh, in fact, I don’t think I’ve heard a bad word about it!

For the first time in a long time, I don’t have a guide book or a massive to-do list. In fact, my only research has been a quick scan on Tripadvisor for things to do and asking my friend who recently visited. She gave me a huuuugggeee list of things to do so I’m sure I won’t be bored.

I’m also going with the mother so it may be a bit more chilled than usual. She usually likes a leisurely start and then stop for a coffee a couple of times a day!

Here’s my list of the few things I’d like to do:

  • Visit the castle – obviously!
  • Visit camera obscura
  • Do a ghost walk
  • Walk to Arthurs seat
  • See Royal yacht Britannia
  • Walk the Royal mile
  • Go to The Elephant House (birthplace of Harry Potter)
  • Edinburgh zoo – to see the pandas!

I’m only there for 2 days so hopefully will get to do alllll this!

What do you recommend in Edinburgh?


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