Tackling my new years resolution!

So I said that I want to get off my arse and see more of my fabulous country! It’s not a massive country. From my house, I could get to Cornwall or Scotland in about 6 hours. This seems like a ridiculous amount of time driving but I suppose when you compare it to driving across America or Australia, 6 hours aint bad!

I’m trying to be a tourist in my own country which is quite exciting. It’s a nice feeling to able to jump in my car and go somewhere for a day or a weekend whenever I fancy and considering many people pay a lot of money to visit, I really should take advantage of it being on my doorstep.

I’ve devised a rough list of places I would like to visit soon. They may be places I’ve never been to or places I’d like to visit again!


No visit to the UK is complete without visiting London. Many tourists visit only London on their trip. I would advise you to go see more than just London, because the rest of the UK is very different but London is pretty awesome! I’ve been before many times but can you believe I’ve never been to Buckingham Palace or been on the London Eye? I’ve never been to Downing Street! Nor have I ever been to The Tower of London! I’m actually starting to wonder what I have done in London. Aaah yes! Shopping! I plan on visiting our fabulous capital and being a complete tourist at some point this year!


It is essentially just some strange circle of rocks in the middle of a field but I really want to see it! It baffles me that you have to pay to visit but such is life!


I love ‘the north’ and definitely feel more comfortable this end of the UK. I’ve only been to Liverpool once and that was many years ago on a work trip. This year, I’m hoping to visit and see places such as The Cavern Club and Beatles museum!


Dubbed London by the Sea, Brighton has appealed to me for ages. The only problem is its sooooo far away! I desperately want to visit! Looks so cool, unique, quirky, alternative! I’ve never heard anyone say a bad word about Brighton. With a combination of a city vibe and the sea, what’s not to like!


I want to cross the border into Scotland (maybe stop at Hadrian’s Wall on the way) and visit Scotland’s capital. I’d love to go in the summer when The Fringe is on. I also really want to go the castle as I’m a bit of a history nerd! Maybe this summer could be the summer?

The Lake District

As you may have noticed, I’m a bit of a city fan but I’d also love to go to The Lake District. I’ve been once on a school residential trip, but that was at least 20 years ago. I’d love to go again and appreciate the beauty as an adult.


The Roman city of Bath has always appealed. It looks very beautiful and full of history! Also it is the home of Jane Austen who is one of my favourite authors!

Castles and country houses

I LOVE visiting castles and old posh houses. Chatsworth house is one of my favourite places in the UK but there are many more that I want to see. Windsor Castle, Blenheim Palace, Leeds Castle and Warwick castle are among them. These may great day trips and there are so many dotted about!

Where have you visited in the UK? Any recommendations?


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