Stalking George Clooney

On our Italian adventure I was keen to visit as much of Italy as possible without rushing. This was a difficult task when we were only spending 3 nights in each place. However, we managed to do a day trip in pretty much every city.

Whilst researching our trip I was pleasantly surprised by how close we were to Lake Como (roughly 45 mins on the train) so made it my mission to visit! The Italian Lakes have always been an area I was keen to visit so I was ridiculously pleased! I was also keen to cross the border into Switzerland when I realised how close it was as well, but unfortunately my friend wasn’t as keen!

We caught the train easily enough from Statzione Centrale to Como. There was one change which was pretty simple. If you are catching the train from Milan to Como, make sure you get one of the faster trains with less stops, as some can take a few hours!




The harbour at Como

Once you’re in Como, you can either catch a bus into the town centre or walk. We walked. Grab a map from tourist information first! I was kinda expecting to see this massive expanse of water that I could just head towards but the lake isn’t visible from the train station. It’s about a 10 min walk to the Lake. Just head in a straight line pretty much.

The town of Como is a little bit old fashioned but has some charm. It seemed to be the first port of call for everyone visiting the lake. Obviously, it was for people coming from Milan. We wandered around, had gelato then bought tickets for the boat to go to Bellagio. There are many towns around the lake that the boat stops at but Bellagio seems to be the most popular. The boat was 20 euros each way, if memory serves correct!


Lago di Como

Lake como

Instagrammed up


My favourite potential Clooney house!

The journey was probably about an hour to Bellagio but it was so nice to just enjoy the view! I was on serious George Clooney stalk mode! Every semi posh looking house we passed, and there were several, I thought it could be his! I took a few pics of them! Lake Como is huge and we only covered part of it so I realise I may not have seen it! I also realise he may like his privacy so it may not be easily viewable! I still lived in hope of casually bumping into him and living happily ever after on the shores of Lago di Como!



The little towns dotted around


Anyways, back to reality… We arrived in Bellagio and the first thing that greeted us was a pair of Ferraris! You can actually rent them to drive around in for a limited time but I’m not sure that the area around Bellagio presents you with the most favourable Ferrari driving opportunities. They predictably gathered a lot of interest from tourists! It’s a good taster of the town. The place screams money! And tourists!

It’s a pretty little town with cute streets, shops, a few churches, a Ferrari club! You can also buy silk quite cheap as well. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure why it’s so popular. There’s not loads to do there. It could just be that it’s the busiest of all the towns close by.





Ferrari club

For lunch we had our first pizza of the trip! Yum!

Afterwards we pottered about a bit before catching the boat back to Como. We visited a church then had a cheeky vodka before heading back to Milano.

Have you visited Lake Como? Did you find George Clooney?


2 thoughts on “Stalking George Clooney

  1. I love Lake Como and I can’t wait to go back. It’s a shame you didn’t bump into Gorgeous George, although you must have passed his Villa in Laglio on your boat trip to and from Bellagio. Villa Oleandra is amazing although it’s not as grand as the Villa Balbianell in the photograph you captioned “My favourite potential Clooney house!”.



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