Where to go in 2015

It’s getting to that time of year where I think about where I’ve been this year and start to make plans for where I hope to go next year. I’ve visited Italy & Cornwall this summer but hope to tick a few more countries off the list in 2015.

I already have a few tentative plans although nothing has been booked yet. I’m hoping to visit at least 2, possibly 3 new countries in the coming year. As always, it depends on time and money!

Here is my list of where I hope to see in 2015 (if money grew on trees!)


My friend and I made tentative plans to go to Budapest early next year, maybe around February time (school holidays!) Yes it will be cold but I’m hoping it will be all pretty with snow on the ground! Hopefully, this trip will happen!


My best friend is getting married in 2015 and she plans on having her hen do in Bonkidorm! Sorry, Benidorm! This will be a completely different trip to the ones I usually take! It will solely be to get drunk and tanned! A resort like Benidorm isn’t my usual choice for a holiday but I’m sure we will have a cracking time!

South East Asia

I haven’t decided where to go in the summer yet but a big part of me wants to go to South East Asia, particularly Cambodia & Vietnam. I’ve visited Thailand and would love to go back as well! One of the main attractions is that SE Asia is pretty cheap when you’re there and you can take each day as it comes, not much forward planning needed!

Macchu Picchu

Another option for the summer is Peru, especially to go see Macchu Picchu. It’s high up on my list of places to visit and I keep panicking that it’ll be closed before I get to see it! A definite contender!


Lately I’ve been reading lots of blog posts about Iceland which has made me want to visit this fascinating country. Like nearly everyone else in the world, I’d love to see the Northern Lights and the Blue Lagoon! After reading that it can be used as a stopover to America on a relatively cheap flight, it’s become even more appealing!

New York

This feels like a bit of a cheat because I’ve been to New York before but next year will see me turn 30 so I would love to go to celebrate my birthday. I’d probably go around October time (the same time of year I previously visited). New York is one place that I truly believe you could visit every year and not get bored. In fact, I could live there and never be bored! The only problem is money. NY ain’t cheap so if I go away in the summer, I probably can’t afford this birthday trip.


Yes I live in the UK but next year I’m going to make the effort to get of my arse and go and see more of my country. There’s loads of cities I want to visit such as London, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Bath, York, Brighton… Countryside such as The Lake District, The Scottish Highlands and The Peak District… Seaside such as Blackpool, Scarborough and Cornwall… Tourist attractions such as Stonehenge, Hadrians Wall, Loch Ness, Harry Potter World, Globe Theatre… Seeing as I live here, the UK is relatively small and I have a car, it’d be rude not to!

Where do you want to visit in 2015? Do you have any recommendations?


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