Walking on history

I have quite literally walked on history, and it was one of the highlights of my trip!

Whilst in Naples, we did a day trip to Pompeii which I was incredibly excited about! I’d wanted to visit the famous archaeological site since I’d first learned about it in primary school over 20 years ago. I must admit, the reality was slightly different from the version I had in my 7 year old head! The first thing that hit me was just how big Pompeii is. I didn’t realise it was a large city. Rather naively, I was expecting a small village! I also didn’t know about Herculaneum. I wish we’d have visited there as well but unfortunately time didn’t allow.

The city of Pompeii was devastated by the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79AD. It killed all the city’s inhabitants and the site was buried under ash, lava and rubble until it was rediscovered hundred of years later.

It now attracts thousands of visitors every week. I visited as a part of a group tour that I found on Viator. I would recommend that you go on a guided tour as Pompeii is massive and it was fascinating to hear all the history behind it! We visited the theatre, the main square, a brothel, a spa, a temple and the gladiator training ring and I would’ve loved to have seen more! It also helped that our guide was very funny and entertaining!

Who knew that the Romans had pizzerias? Or that they spent several hours a day in a spa? I loved that the price list for the brothel was in glasses of wine and the ‘menu’ was a selection of pictures so the men just pointed to what they wanted. The prostitutes were usually Greek or African so couldn’t speak Italian hence pictures being used. The Romans fascinate me as they were so efficient and organised with how they did things, from the layout of Pompeii to the fact they had sliding doors! Way ahead of their time!

Pompeii was definitely worth visiting, in fact, the reason I wanted to visit Naples at all was so I could go to Pompeii and it certainly didn’t disappoint!


  Gladiator training area


A street


A pizzeria


A street crossing – to avoid the waste that would flow down the street and designed so carts could pass over it!



Inside the spa


A street sign with a cock pointing you in the direction of the brothel



One of the fountains which you can still drink water from


The main square in the centre of Pompeii with Mt Vesuvius in the background


A temple and sacrifical altar



2 thoughts on “Walking on history

  1. I’m so jealous. I’ve always wanted to visit Pompeii. I actually just mentioned it in my post. So lucky. I feel like standing on the streets where others did, watching the lava and ash take over the city, would be amazing and surreal.


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