The beauty of Capri

Whilst on my Italian adventure this summer, I visited the gorgeous island of Capri. I was staying in Naples but didn’t have a lot of love for the city so decided to do a day trip. I literally walked down to Molo Beverello and bought a ticket on the next available boat. Luckily, this was Capri. I did toy with going to Sorrento and using the train but I read various reports saying that the local train service to Capri has a lot of pickpockets. The hydrofoil boats are a lot safer as pickpockets don’t particularly want to pay the 20 euros each way fee!

The boat was a hydrofoil ferry so was quite big! It was quite choppy though so be aware if you suffer from motion sickness at all! The journey took roughly 30 minutes each way. There are a few different booths to buy tickets at and the boats dock at different stations so make sure you are at the right one! You can only buy one way at a time so when you arrive in Capri, you can either buy your return ticket straight away for a later boat or just rock up when you want to leave. I recommend that you at least check the boat times when you arrive at Capri, unless you don’t mind spending the night there! Also, boats do sell out. I had to wait over an hour for my return back to Naples!

Anyway, Capri is beautiful! As in, seriously beautiful! The port is quite busy and touristy but there’s a beach you can use, for a fee! Also, a boat trip to the Blue Grotto was recommended to me but by this point in my trip, I was running low on funds. The boat to and from Capri had already cost me around 40 euros so I couldn’t afford the Blue Grotto trip. Next time…

There are two main towns: Capri Town and Anacapri. I went to Capri Town. There is a bus service but I decided to walk. I wish I’d known that Capri Town was on the top of the island, which meant a trek up a mountain! Ok, it may not have been a mountain but it definitely felt like it! Apparently it was only a 750m walk. It feels a hell of a lot longer!

The view from Capri Town was awesome and the walk back down was a piece of piss!

Here’s my photos showing the beauty of Capri!


The boat we arrived on












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