Florence Street Art

In a city filled with historical art and architecture, it’s refreshing to discover the work of a much more modern artist.

If you’re in Florence, make sure you keep an eye on the street signs. This may seem odd considering there are so many beautiful buildings, churches, bridges, museums, not to mention views, shopping and food to absorb but Florence’s street art is becoming something of an attraction in its own right. 

DSCF3097This unique and original style of street art, is the work of Clet Abraham, a French man who has been living in Italy for over 20 years. Clet has been creating his art since 2010 using stickers on the street signs which he adds at night. The stickers can be removed, however the Florence authorities now appear to leave them be. 

It quickly became one of my favourite things to do whilst in Florence to play ‘Spot the street art.’ I’m not sure how many signs he has altered in total. I only spotted 11 but I’m sure there’s loads more. Such a fun game! His famous designs include a man carrying the no entry sign, a crucifix and faces on some signs.


Outside Clet’s studio

He also has a studio in Via Dell’Olmo 8r which I found completely by chance. You can buy street signs and stickers of his designs. I also noticed a couple of his street signs whilst in Rome and have read articles saying his work has been found in other cities as well.

I love this style of art. So quirky and unique! I’m a big fan of street art and modern art so this was right up my street (no pun intended!). It’s such a refreshing contrast to all the Renaissance art that the city has to offer.



DSCF3101 DSCF3099 DSCF3098 DSCF3096 DSCF3095 DSCF3070 DSCF3100

DSCF3134 DSCF3135

These were the two I spotted in Rome:

DSCF3454 DSCF3456


2 thoughts on “Florence Street Art

  1. Oooh this is lovely! For a city so famous for its art I never even thought to check out the street art and I love Florence AND street art, just never at the same time. So super cool.


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