That time I met McLovin in Thailand

I’m never very good at celeb spotting. I know who lots of celebs are but I would probably never recognise them in real life. I have a few cool spots like the time I served Alf from Home & Away in WH Smiths, the time I stalked Liam Connor from Corrie round the Arndale centre and the time I saw Gok Wan filming in London but that’s about it!

This is one of those funny stories about celeb spotting. In fact I’m still not 100% certain it was him but I tell the story because it’s good.

Let me set the scene… Me and two friends were in Ao Nang. We had to stay there a night because we arrived too late to catch a boat to Railay. We’d gone for a few drinks and were about to head back when we decided to have one more drink. That drink turned into tequila shots with the barman then we headed to a club (that had a selling point of no prostitutes in the bar). Obviously, I was slightly merry.

Where the night started to become a blur

Where the night started to become a blur


No prostitutes in the bar!

No prostitutes in the bar!

We got talking to a group of Irish boys and I’m sucker for an Irish accent! My friends got busy playing pool with some Americans whilst I had a lovely time talking to these Irish guys. Suddenly, they saw someone outside so I followed them. They seemed pretty excited about whoever they’d met outside and asked if I had a camera. I did so I took a photo of them with their friend. Afterwards they all seemed to want my name and were going to add me on facebook so they could get the picture so I wrote my name on napkins for them and that was it. I assumed it was some lads they’d already met and just wanted to keep in touch with.

Later on, I’d lost my friends so went to this other club upstairs where I bumped into the lads that the Irish guys had wanted a picture with. In my drunken state I asked them if they were Irish. They seemed slightly offended by this question and replied with “No we’re American” in a sort of don’t you know who I am?? tone. They weren’t Irish so I wasn’t interested and walked off. I never thought about them again!

About 3 weeks later I was home and uploaded my Thailand pictures onto facebook. An hour or so later one of my friends commented saying ‘He looks like McLovin. Are you sure its not him?’ I was like he could be, he was American. Another friend commented saying its definitely him. Someone checked his Twitter and he had been in Thailand recently. A few other people decided it was McLovin and then berated me for not realising I’d met a Hollywood actor!

Oh dear! Here are the snaps I took of McLovin. Do you think it’s him?


Is it McLovin? (Centre)


Back row, third from left

So that’s how I met McLovin but didn’t realise until my friends pointed it out about a month later! I was just upset the Irish guys never got in touch!

What do you think? Is it him? 


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