Advice wanted: What to do in Milan?

In 8 days time I shall be in Milan! Yay! I’ve never been to Milan before but have always wanted to visit. With me having an interest in fashion & dressmaking, (I also studied fashion buying at uni) Milan is a place I have always had an urge to visit.

We shall be spending 3 nights here and want to fit as much in as possible. Obviously, we’re going to see the Last Supper mural and the cathedral. Definitely want to see both of those. We also have plans to get the train to Lake Como for the day. It’s only an hour or so from Milan and it would be great to see the Italian Lakes. I’m also planning on doing some George Clooney spotting/stalking!

What else can we do? I’m thinking a trip round Teatro alla Scala and some shopping. I’m asking anyone for any recommendations about what else to do. Where’s good and cheap to eat? Anything that’s off the beaten track?


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