40 before 40

I love lists. I love the conciseness and succintness (is that a word?) of a list. I have a million lists knocking around for various things. I also love a challenge that has a numerical value involved. Think 30 day squat challenge or eating 5 a day. I rarely achieve the goal but I believe it’s the taking part that counts.

As I am growing older and feel I want a bit of direction in my life, I have decided to turn my love of travel into a bit of a challenge or goal to work towards. Lots of people have a 30 before 30 list which is great. I have one but it isn’t going to be completed in time. Also, it isn’t restricted just to travel. I wanted to set myself a travel goal so I created my own 40 before 40 list!

I’ve worked out that I’ve currently visited 15 different countries (yes the Vatican City and Gibraltar are classed as a country according to Google!). With it only being about 18 months until my 30th (really, where has my life gone!) and I work full time, travel is my hobby, I thought to travel 15 more countries in 18 months is unrealistic. However, 25 countries in 12 years is much more achievable!

My country list, in no particular order is:

  1. UK
  2. USA
  3. Spain
  4. France
  5. Italy
  6. Thailand
  7. Indonesia (Bali)
  8. Singapore
  9. Australia
  10. Vatican City
  11. Gibraltar
  12. Ireland
  13. Egypt
  14. Greece
  15. Malta

The slight flaw in my plan is that I currently have no plans to visit any new countries this year. My holiday this summer is to Italy which I’ve already visited several times. I may just have to squeeze a cheeky European city break in soon!

Some countries that I hope to include on my visited list include: China, India, New Zealand, South Africa, Peru, Brazil, Canada and Hungary to name a few.

This blog is my way of documenting and sharing my travels for myself and anyone who cares to read! Please feel free to share any advice or tips!



4 thoughts on “40 before 40

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